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Weekly Game Jam 96

Second game. This time Tower defence-like, but you have to place traffic lights or use special abilites to hold cars as long as possible.

Still have some bugs

Install instructions

Unzip and play


96 - Traffic Jam.rar 15 MB


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Confused me at first, but once I understood it, it was really enjoyable. Some of the cars got stuck on the grass and it softlocked me but fun anyhow!

Cool concept -- it's like a tower defense game but instead of towers you've got traffic lights.

Definitely took a minute to figure out what I was doing. One thing that would have really helped is giving the ability/traffic light icons on the bottom and right side of the screen some kind of feedback when they're selected, like an outline or something. I initially tried to drag the traffic lights onto the map, before realizing that I had to select one and then click to place. Same thing with the abilities -- I didn't realize that I had to place them.


Thanks for your time! At some moment I was thinking about creating that outline, but forgot. One week for a complete game at this point a little hard for me ) But I hope every next game will be better